Can I use the OOLER if I have a medical condition?

OOLER™ is considered safe and effective for everyone. There are no reported conflicts or unwanted side effects. OOLER™ is considered safe and extremely effective for adults, kids — and pets — of all ages.

Studies show that better sleep improves virtually all aspects of life including increased energy levels, better memory, increased metabolism, better circulation, reduced pain and cramping, and improved athletic performance. Visit our blog for additional information on how health and sleep match up.

In our 10+ years of product testing, we have helped cancer patients, hospice patients, veterans suffering from PTSD and many more. Because of the vast improvement sleeping makes, we feel a moral obligation to share this technology. 

If you have a medical condition, we recommend that you talk to your doctor for proper approval. If unsure, you can always return it later with our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 


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