What is the best temperature to sleep at?

Sleep studies show the ideal sleep temperature for optimal rest and recovery is 60-68°F. Our bodies should naturally cool down to enter deep sleep. But since everyone is different, it might take about 2-3 weeks to find your own sweet spot.

To find your ideal sleep temperature, simply start at your core body temperature (98.6°F) and work your way up or down based on your preference and needs. Athletes or an individual with hormonal changes may need to sleep colder while others may prefer a toastier bed (especially during winter). Your temperature preference will change as the seasons change.

The temperature where you sleep the deepest and longest is optimal. At this temperature you heal naturally and feel great. This number is different for each person and often varies by night. Test a few different temperatures with the OOLER™ app. Test different temperature changes to find your optimal sleep climate.

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