Why do I need OOLER more than a new mattress?

A good night's rest is not solely reliant on comfort. Sleep temperature is just as importnant as the comfort of the mattress to ensure optimal sleep. In fact, our body's core temperature should decrease to enter deep sleep. Some types of mattresses and covers may prevent that by trapping unwanted heat into your microclimate.

Enter: OOLER™

OOLER™ is designed to enhance your existing mattress. You don't need a new mattress, you need a temperature-controlled one. OOLER™'s mattress cover fits seamlessly on top of your mattress and under your sheets, while the control unit fits neatly under your bed or on your nightstand.

Its water-based cooling system allows for precise temperature control, which is unlike mattresses that only use circulated air or heat-absorbing gel. These solutions are unable to cool your bed to reach the recommended sleep temperature of 60-68°F. Even if competitors say they can use cooling gel to get you that cold, that gel cannot maintain a cold temperature all night long.

OOLER™ is the only product that offers automatic, consistent temperature regulation, all night long. With OOLER™, you can easily adjust your preferred sleep temperature in one-degree increments to find your perfect sleep temperature and enhance your sleep night after night.

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