How does the Schedule feature on my app work?

The schedule feature on the OOLER® app is what allows the user to create temperature customizable sleep schedules.

Before updating or creating new Schedules, first ensure that your phone/tablet are connected to your OOLER Control Unit. (There is not a "No Device Connected" banner on the Devices page of the app)

When you know the phone/tablet is connected to the OOLER Control Unit, navigate to the "Schedule" page. First, create a name for your Schedule. Next, set a specific time and temperature for your Bedtime and then add your Wake-Up time. Customize by selecting the days of the week that you would like the schedule to run. You can also customize further by adding more events to your schedule. Lastly, you can switch the Warm Awake feature On or Off. Then save your schedule on your app. Any schedule can be turned on or off on the Schedule page.

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